Emerging from considerations of humor and criticality, creative habitats, grand gestures and the consequences of care, the 2018 season is full of new contemporary performance work and an invitation to direct your time and attention, consider channels for resilience and regeneration, and be with the beauty, difficulty, ambiguity and contradiction embedded in art..
– Julie Potter, Director, ODC Theater

  • ODC/Dance Unplugged   |   January 26

    Friday, January 26 at 7pm | Studio B, ODC Dance Commons
    In this edition of ODC/Dance Unplugged, a recurring platform offering a rare and candid look into the creative process, the flagship company will show excerpts of work to be performed during the 2018 ODC/Dance Around Town season.

  • Cori Olinghouse Grandma   |   February 15 - 17

    February 15 - 17 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    Cori Olinghouse’s works employ shape-shifting and a queering of the clown form -- drawing from Lauren Berlant’s ideas of humor as a space for transformation, “where you learn how to delight in brokenness” to “shake up what’s structural.” Opening with Ghost line, a 16mm film collaboration with filmmaker Shona Masarin, optical printing, hand painting, drawing, and frame-by-frame animation are utilized to summon the materiality and physicality of the clown. Grandma, a live performance set in an American landscape of Twinkies and Wonderbread, excavates the effects of television, the media, and dark familial pasts as portals.

  • Netta Yerushalmy Paramodernities   |   February 23 - 24

    February 23 - 24 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    Paramodernities is a multidisciplinary project. It is a series of lecture-performances, or dance-experiments, generated through deconstructions of landmark modern choreographies, performed alongside contributions by scholars and writers who situate these iconic works and artists within the larger project of Modernism. Exploring foundational tenants of modern discourse -such as sovereignty, race, feminism, and nihilism-Paramodernities includes public discussions as inseparable parts of each installment. At The Bridge Project/ODC Theater Yerushalmy will present her installments devoted to Vaslav Nijinsky, Alvin Ailey, and Merce Cunningham.

  • Liss Fain Dance 20th Anniversary Season: I Don’t Know and Never Will   |   March 1 - 3

    March 1 - 3 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    I Don’t Know and I Never Will is an evening-length immersive performance installation by Liss Fain Dance. Based on the deeply personal contact we create and respond to in the letters we write and receive, I Don’t Know and Never Will gives physicality to the voices of people from decades ago through their spoken letters, and brings in voices of people from today. Inside the installation environment, the audience, moves about at will, experiencing the work from multiple perspectives.

  • Funsch Dance Experience Mother Sister Daughter   |   April 5 - 8

    April 5 - 8 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    For Funsch Dance Experience's 15th Anniversary season, Christy premieres Mother Sister Daughter, a full-length work for dancers aged over 40. Mother Sister Daughter harnesses the movement histories of its cast to pay tribute to the California Dancing Girls, one of the first all-women dance companies based in San Francisco in the 1910s. Mother Sister Daughter features an original score by composer Gretchen Jude.

  • Walking Distance Dance Festival   |   May 15 - 20

    May 15 - 20 | ODC Theater
    This year’s Walking Distance Dance Festival traces performing artists and creative habitats within and beyond the Bay to share a powerful harvest from a Euripides-inspired Latin disco-pop variety show to free improvisers and fierce solo acts. On creating, writer Rebecca Solnit asks, “What are your principal crops? Who do they feed?” Enjoy these artists working across disciplines to offer artistic sustenance to kickoff the summer.

    Yara Travieso, La Medea
    May 15 and 16, 8pm

    La Medea is a musical reimagining of Euripides’ violent tragedy, dance-theater in the style of a Latin-disco-pop variety show. Directed, performed, filmed, edited, and streamed in real time with a live studio audience, La Medea brings theater to cinema and cinema to theater. Embracing a multiplicity of cultural lenses, La Medea confronts the historically prevalent image of the hysterical, dangerous, foreign woman, while also offering the revolutionary female figure willing to destroy her own children in the name of justice. Chaos reigns beneath the skin of a classic myth.

    Kiandanda Dance Theater, Nkinsi Nkondi, A Divine Sculpture from Central Africa
    May 17 and 18, 8pm

    During a visit to the Musée du Quai Branly, choreographer Byb Bibene discovered the Nkisi Nkondi statue from the Kongo people in central Africa, a divine figure representing the moral and spiritual codes as well as political and religious symbols of power, resistance, fear, and defiance. Through this new work, Bibene questions the function of dances by the community - the ceremonial and sacred and those solely reserved for the initiated.

    Rashaun Mitchell, Silas Riener, Phillip Greenlief, Shoko Hikage and Claudia La Rocco
    May 19 and 20, 6:30pm

    We live in a world that is densely populated with repressive systems of control. Free improvisers offer an alternative - to gather from diverse cultures and create compelling and beautiful work with no plan, no pre-arranged agreements. It takes years of hard work to be prepared to live fearlessly in this manner, and the artists on display this evening have been living in this practice for decades. Set aside your devices and plans and witness what it's like to free yourself of control.

    Belinda McGuire, Solo Works
    May 19 and 20, 8pm

    Stirring, mysterious and tremendously physical, Sharon Moore’s Anthem for the Living unleashes deep layers of McGuire through textured and magnetic movement, which synthesizes dance, theatre and circus. The Eight Propositions was created collaboratively by Emio Greco, McGuire and Pieter C. Scholten via ICKamsterdam with sound design by Jerome Begin. Originating from spherical imagery, McGuire etches each segment in space, defining the content, boundaries and dancer within.


  • Embodiment Project   |   June 7 - 10

    June 7 - 10 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    Embodiment Project's new work uses street dance, live song, choreo-poetry, and documentary theater to explore a timely conversation on the school-to-prison pipeline, childhood trauma, Restorative Justice, race, power and healing as a call to action.

  • GERALDCASELDANCE, 20th Anniversary Season: Cover Your Mouth When You Smile and Not About Race Dance   |   June 13 - 15

    June 13 - 15 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    For the company's 20th anniversary GERALDCASELDANCE presents: Cover Your Mouth When You Smile and Not About Race Dance, a preview. In collaboration with Na-ye Kim (Korea/Hong Kong) and Peiling Kao (Taiwan/U.S.), Cover Your Mouth When You Smile explores the model minority myth, racial melancholia, and the concept of mimicry among Asian immigrants. Not About Race Dance confronts hierarchical structuring in choreography and dance presentation, demonstrating how it fails to accurately represent ethno-cultural identity. The dance comments on the realities of systemic racism and oppression that persist today while also drawing a parallel to Neil Greenberg's seminal work, Not About AIDS Dance (1994), which underscored illness, death, and disappointment that was rampant during the AIDS crisis in the 80s and 90s.

  • tinypistol, Kosmos   |   June 21 - 23

    June 21 - 23 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    Can a utopian orientation act as bulwark against our nation’s encroaching dystopia? Kosmos quests and celebrates our internal and external cosmoses, vaulting skyward and plummeting inward to claim the firmament and a new futurity. In a land created in the negation of our otherness, and maintained in denial of our kinship with a starry sky, acknowledging our celestial truth and boundlessness is a decidedly political act.

  • ODC/Dance, Summer Sampler   |   July 20, 21, 27 and 28

    July 20, 21, 27 and 28 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    Delight in the exuberance of summer with spirited ODC/Dance repertory works.

  • Katie Faulkner Theater Unplugged   |   August 2

    August 2 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    ODC Theater Unplugged, is a recurring platform offering a rare and candid look into the creative process. For this edition, Katie Faulkner's little seismic dance company shares early investigations for their first evening-length dance work currently titled, Divining, set to premiere in February 2019 at ODC Theater. Divining, conceived as a feminist, body-centered research project, will pursue physical responses to questions of gut sense: intuition, divinity, witching, prophesy, and the role of these phenomena in imagining a just and livable future.

  • Hope Mohr Dance, 11th Home Season   |   October 4 - 6

    August 2 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    Hope Mohr Dance, Resident Company at ODC, recently "marked a huge milestone; a decade of creative collaboration and boundary-pushing art making." (SF/Arts). For the company's 11th home season, Artistic Director Mohr will premiere a new work performed in the round that explores fragment, interruption, rhythm, and faulty archives. Inspired by and featuring text from Anne Carson's If not, Winter and featuring an all-star team of dancers and collaborators, including sound designer Theodore Hulsker, visual designer Joan Osato, and costume designer Tiffany Amundson.

  • Sara Shelton Mann, Echo / riding the rapids  |   October 11 - 13

    October 11 - 13 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    What is an echo that resounds from the walls? Is it an invitation to inhabit a spacial interium, the terrain between viewer, performer, composer and space? Where does the light shine? When entering a grand room of another era one can almost experience a presence, a conversation or something of the past coming forward divulging bits of personality, culture, preference. Or, it is stuck in time and you see the image of a past as the present, formal and forbidden teasing you to imagine yourself in this history, this room, this sketch of players, kings, queens, vagabonds, slaves and archers.

  • Bobbi Jene Smith in collaboration with Keir GoGwilt, With Care  |   November 1 - 3

    October 11 - 13 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    Taking its name from the etymological root of “accuracy,” ad-curare, With Care performs the contradictions and complexities inherent in the desire that motivates both care and its removal. How do we accurately measure the shape of our desire? How does it measure us? How does care keep us together while also burdening the relationships it maintains? Continuing the cross-disciplinary work of A Study on Effort, Smith and GoGwilt investigate these questions through music, dance, and dialogue, alongside Or Meir Schraiber (dancer) and Miranda Cuckson (violinist).

  • Catherine Galasso, Of Iron and Diamonds  |   December 6 - 8

    December 6 - 8 at 8pm | ODC Theater
    Galasso returns to ODC Theater with Of Iron and Diamonds, a multi-chapter performance work based on Boccaccio’s The Decameron, a satirical collection of urban tales published in the 14th century. Working with a group of San Francisco-based artists, this local chapter is built using the unique qualities of individual cast members to reveal a collective humanity. Of Iron and Diamonds reveals a sharply present, whimsical take on Boccaccio’s seminal work, while remaining reflective of a contemporary approach to performance rooted in the avant-garde, cinematic tableaux, and nonlinear narratives.

  • ODC Theater Public Engagement

    ODC Theater Public Engagement programs amplify and deepen the context and public discourse around ODC Theater presented artists, creative community and contemporary ideas.

  • Dance Stories

    Dance Stories by ODC Writer in Residence Marie Tollon